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Doctor: Moosa.

 24 hours Cell No:   +27 78 326 1944

Email:          drmoosa@hotmail.com

Capetown branch is at:

4 Cambridge street ,7450 Eilsesriver,Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa.


from Voorttrekker Road Eilsesriver  on the left hand drive from capetown after GoodWood magistrate Court see shoprite on the robot.

Then turn to the second street after Shorprite.


Worcester branch is at:

24 Stockenstrom street 6850,  Capetown,Western cape,South Africa.

Drive on high street left hand side turn on stockenstrom street, you will  see the board next to cashcrussadders shop.

Cell no: As above

Phone: As above

Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com


 Powerful Witch Craft Wicca Spells, Love Spells, and more!

Question: How effective are your spells?
Answer: Most of my business comes from repeat clients who were happy with their results, word of mouth, and referrals, so I will let you be the judge of that.


Question: How long does it take for a spell to work?
Answer: The choices you make and the actions you take help to contribute to the success (or lack of success) of your goal. Although magick immediately impacts the person or area the spell(s) are cast on, tangible results can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on your particular circumstances. There are many factors that can affect the timing and outcome or your spellwork. Since I do not exercise any control over you either before, during or after the spell casting process, the kind of results achieved, and when they will be achieved, can, to a large degree, depend on you! Be sure to make choices and take actions that are consistent with your goal, in other words; if you order a spell to do well on exams in school, don't skip every class, party every week-end and expect all A's at the end of term, thinking a spell will make up for your poor choices and actions that were not consistent with your goal!


Question: How do you cast your spells?
Answer: There are many levels of energy all around us everywhere. Radio waves, micro waves, ultra violet waves and several levels of spiritual energy waves. When it comes to Spiritual Energy Waves, there is the conscious level, ie. what you are consciously aware of, then there is the subconscious level, things you are aware of at the subconscious level, and finally, there is the super-conscious level in which the subconscious of all living things are connected. The thoughts and feelings of all living things make up the super-conscious and connect all things to each other. Similar in nature to the Internet itself, where all computers are connected to one main level of awareness, so too are all subconscious minds connected, whether we are aware of this connection or not. Spell are specifically designed to tap into this super-conscious level of awareness that contains all levels of Universal Energy. These levels of awareness connect all living things. When you tap into this spiritual awareness level, when one thing is affected, so too, are all things connected to it. In other words, you can actually start an entire collective energy shift by affecting one particular energy pattern, which in turn affects every individual energy level connected to it. On the spiritual plane, this energy knows no boundaries. All time is "now" and all places are "here". Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you are living next door to me or on the other side of the globe, the energy works exactly the same, and has the exact same strength and power as if you were standing right next to me. When a spell is cast, a request worded in just the right way, is sent to this super-conscious, where it is then distributed to each and every possible connection that could in any way have a positive effect in bringing about the desired changes. One thing leads to another, and that leads to yet another, and that leads to another, just like when you were a kid playing "connect the dots". It might take only one or two "dots" or it may take a hundred or two "dots" being connected, depending on the complexity of your particular case. This is why it sometimes takes only a day or two to notice results, and other times it could possibly take months, depending on how many individual "dots" need to be connected in order to bring about the desired changes. So when you ask, "How long will it take?, this depends entirely on the complexity of your particular case, and how many "dots" need to be connected in order to achieve the desired results.


Question: Are your spells safe? Will I incur any negative karma if I have you cast a spell for me?
Answer: All of the spells offered on this site are completely safe and will not incur any negative karma for anyone. Reverend Joy is mindful of the laws of karma. She would never do anything to cause negative karma for herself or her clients. Her spellwork will not violate anyone's free will, or cause anyone harm.


Question: How long will the effects of a spell last?
Answer: Most spells are permanent. However, let's say you have a fight with your girlfriend and you order the spell "Making Up" to help with that situation. Here is a case of ordering a specific spell to help with a specific situation with a specific person. If you then have an argument with a neighbor a week later, the original spell will not help with the argument with your neighbor, because it was ordered to help with a different situation that happened with a different person.


Question: Shouldn't each spell be cast during a certain moon phase?
Answer: The journey of learning something new often includes first trying to "learn the rules" of whatever you're learning. The next step is to practice and understand those "rules". The step after that is usually understanding to what degree you need to adhere to those "rules" in order to get the results you want, and to what extent you can bend them, and finally whether you really need them at all. It's perfectly normal and natural for you to go through these steps and stages of inner growth. I have already been through these steps and stages. This is why I can do what I do for a living, and help other people in the process regardless of the Moon's phase.

What works great for one person will not necessarily work great for everyone. Each and every person is a different and unique individual and needs to learn for themselves what works best for them. Many people think there is a "right" and "wrong" way of doing something. The truth is, that the only thing that determines if it's "right" or not, is whether or not it works for them, if it gets them the results they are looking for. And, what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone. I do what works for me. I am not going to change that just because someone else thinks my way of doing things doesn't fit their "rules." I will continue to do things in the way that gets me the best results, whether or not that agrees with what anyone else thinks is the "right" way to do it or not.


Question: Do I need to renew my spell, and if so, how often?
Answer: No. As already stated, most spells are permanent. However, some clients tell me they get better results if certain types of spells are cast more than once. The specific types of spells that seem to grow much stronger if cast regularly are: luck, money, protection and weight loss spells. Some clients like to "renew" these spells once a month, although many clients tell me of "extraordinary" results when they renew them weekly.



Question: What is the difference between cast once, cast twice and cast thrice?
Answer: Cast once, means the same spell cast one time. Cast twice, means the same spell cast two times in a row to double the power of the spell. Cast thrice, means the same spell cast three times in a row to triple the power of a spell.



Question: Don’t you need each person name and birth date, photos, bits of hair, fingernail clippings, the underwear I wore last Thursday, etc?
Answer: NO! In fact, if you send any of these things, I will NOT cast your spell! Here’s why; think of Spiritual Energy as water and think of me as a garden hose. Spiritual Energy flows through me to the person requesting a spell in order to bring about the desired results. Photos and other “props” are a fakes way of getting you to buy into phony, Hollywood type magic. Anyone with real ability will tell you that less is better. The more information you give them, and the more “props” you supply them with, the more you interrupt the natural “flow” of Spiritual Energy. It’s like crimping the hose and then wondering why the water won’t flow through it! I fully trust Universal Forces to know exactly who you are, what your situation is, who else is involved, and exactly what is needed in order to get the most constructive results.


Question: Do you offer a guarantee?
Answer: No. People who offer guarantees are implying they can control God, and I am simply not that arrogant. If you are not happy with your results, please do NOT lie to your credit card company by saying you didn't place the order. That will only bring you negative karma. I would much rather give you a refund, than have you incur negative karma. Just send me an email with "Refund Requested" in the subject line. In order to process a refund, please include the following information in the email: your name, the date the spell(s) were ordered, and the email address you used to place the order. Allow one week to process the refund.




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