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                         DREAMS & INTERPRETATIONS



Dreaming is sign of destiny! 

We hope that  the dream interpretations will help you make sense of your dreams and achieve a better understanding of them. Dr moosa is dedicated to help you find the key to unlocking and interpreting the meanings to your dreams. By understanding your dreams, you will gain a better perspective on your life.

We realize that your dreams are unique. No other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Every dream is connected with your own "reality". Thus, in interpreting your dreams, it is important to draw from your personal life and experiences.

Remember that a dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into ourselves and a means for self-exploration. In understanding your dreams, you will have a better understanding and discovery of your true self.  So stay awhile -- explore, discover, have fun, make friends, and find out what's in your dreams.





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Seeing an angel in one's dream is a blessed dream.Means the observer of the dream will attain honour and piety.

Seeing paradise in a dream means the desires will be fulfilled and dignity in both the worlds and beliefs.

Seeing hell in a dream means the warning of the observer will plunge into commission of serious crimes and sins.

Seeing a skies or asceding/ entering it  in a dream means the observer will attain martyrdom,become eminent and attain respectability in this world and be remembered in favourable terms by the people.

Seeing a moon in a dream  most likely the moon symbolises the king's minister or adviser. sometimes it symbolises a woman or a very handsome lady.so acquiring,possessing  or reaching it means that there will an obtaining of high positions or being appointed as head of state or recieving a handsome woman.

Seeing a planet in a dream. The stars and planets symbolises the nobility or dignitaries of a country. mars presents the police force,security force,military of a king of state.saturn represent torture and interrogators. jupiter represent state treasurer sometime represents a high learned person. venus represents the queen or wife of head of state.mercury represents the secretary of head of head of state. So acquiring,gathering the collections of them, means of gaining leadership of noble personalities and fulfilling all needs.

Seeing fire in a dream means, agony,loss,calamities,hardships,weakness, difficulties and pleasant conditions. So as much of fire is the worse of the stuations.


Seeing a snake in a dream: A snake symbolise a person's arch enemy.the greater the snake the greater the enemy. fight a snake in a dream means will fight the enemy. perhaps possessing a white beautiful harmless snake or become owner of it means obtaining a good fortune,treasure from the king.

Seeing a scorpions in a dream symbolises a wicked , cunning and decietiful person or a dangerous enemy friend uses his/her tongue to artfully in causing dish armony amongst people. moreover killing it in adream means you will gain victory over your enemy.(same as killing a harmful snake).

Seeing birds in a dream,birds of prey generally symbolises powers enjoyed by kings,monarchs,governors, and chiefs. but each type has got different meanings provided to which one you have dreamed.

Seeing a poutry in a dream.A Hen symbolises a blessed woman while a Cock represents a man from a foriegn land or a slave and eating eggs for any type bird/poutry means riches,wealth,good fortune.

Seeing fish in a dream. many numbers of huge fresh fish symbolises  wealth,or assets,while if many but small one means you will be afflicted with grief and sorrow. If it is one or two represents the women of benefits.

Seeing an elephant in a dream symbolises a foreigner who is despotic,powerful and vehement.has no compassion, can be also a foreign land.

Seeing lion in a dream symbolises enemy,powerful authority,same as tiger,hyena, jungle wolf.while a dogs,cats symbolises a Great thief,enemy,evil woman. eating their meat means over powering enemies.

Seeing a cow,sheep,goats , camels,and their meat in a dream, a cow represents a current year or woman, a sheep symbolises good a fit and healthy person who is popular to people and wealthy braved honourable and  self respected. agoat  represents wealth too.

Seeing a donkey,horse in a dream if seen  a banch of them running through the city symbolises disasters,sadness,floods in rain,or unhappy accassions.


Seeing a weapon in a dream symbolises much power. If stolen from you, means losing power.killng some one with a sword represents  as quarrelling with that person and hurting his feelings with your mouth.

Seeing a dead person and given something by them in a dream. Death in a dream symbolises corruption of  a person at his rank and glory.if a corpse seen as being burried means no more improvements in any of your deed.

seeing a dead person happy means good conditions while seeing a dead person unhappy translates  bad conditions and angry, if dieing for second time it means a relative may get married and bring a great happiness. carrying a dead or corpse means carrying a budden of unlawful wealth.

Seeing old clothes in a dream means short life while garment made of silk symbolises strength,influence and aunlawful wealth.

Seeing a wedding in adream symbolises the acquiring of honour,dignity,and material wealthy. while dreaming when marrying ma to man means the observer will gain victory over his enemy.

Seeing a male sexual parts in a dream means to bear a son and seeing a woman with a beard symbolises her husband to enjoy good reputation as a result of his high standing in the comunity.

Pregnancy in a dream means of acquirring material wealthy and delivering a daughter (female) means relief of difficulties,but delivering a male child symbolises facing difficulties.

 Dreaming of an oldman interprets good success, if  he is young means enemy.and old woman symbolise the current year depends on her beauty.


Seeing a ocean, a sea, in a dream symbolise a vast kingdom,poweful dynasty prvided no filth,muck,sediments or frightening waves are seen over it. so crossing a river in a dream means relief of griefs moreover drinking water from a sea as much as you do it means acquiring much wealth and happiness in the life of the world.

Dreaming about rain ,clouds,means to have a lot of assistance and blessings.But if rain or clouds seen confined to a particular place like a house or vicinity, it might symbolise a famine and sickness as well as much loss of the people to that particular place.

Seeing earth in a dream interpretation diverse: for example,if  its a boundary is visible means a woman; and if not it symbolises world affairs. standing in a narrow piece of land mean end of life.

Dreaming of mountains and hills represents people with their ranks and positions depending on the hugeness and heights,moreover climbing a mountains or hills represents attaining high positions or success,while carrying it on you means burdens.\

Dreaming of buildings,houses,symbolises worldly gains proportionate to the constructions.

Dreaming  of a garden means the observers wife depends on the beauty of it in addition, seeing a tree symbolise  men with personalities and character moreover with fruits and leaves on it interpretes the abundant wealth.

Dreaming of a silver or gold Necklace studded with jewels:seeing this dream means the observer will be made to guard some trust and generally jewels,gold,silver represents treasure or beauty and adornment.

Dreaming of a mirror symbolises a person's wife.if a person sees him self looking into a mirror,while his wife is pregnant means to have a son resembles him.But  a wife not pregnant means to lose a job and some one else take it. and a pregnant woman to dream as holding a glass or mirror and breaks down symbolises lossing pregnancy or a child. if not a pregnant woman,  then it means lossing husband to some one else.






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